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Role of Spiritual Forces in Geo - Politics

Kudos to Brasstacks for producing such an important and thought provoking talk show on role of spiritual forces in geo - politics. Watch both the parts to appreciate the role of spiritual forces and how these were used in the past.



MP3 of these two parts can be downloaded here and here.

Miracles of Islam – Name Allah Written on Back of Hand


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Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Modern Muslim

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What is the Proper Way to Offer Salaat?

After performing ablution one should sit down in a comfortable position facing the Holy Kaba. After this, one should recite the Durood Shareef “Sallalahu Taalaa Alaa Habeebihee Muhammadan Wassallim” three times, followed by reciting Astaghfar "Astaghfirullahi Rabbee Min Kulli Zambin Wa Atoobu Alaihi" three times.

After this, one should close the eyes, whether it is for a minute, three minutes or five minutes, any length of time is fine depending on how much time one has. With the eyes closed one should imagine that Allah is watching me. After this, one should stand up and offer his intention to pray. Care should be taken to ensure that the feet are parallel to each other at a distance of approximately six inches apart when standing in Salaat . In all the actions of Salaat the backbone should be kept straight while the head should be kept a little bent down. The eye should be kept focussed on the position of prostration. The feet should be kept still and not moving.

When reciting “Subhana Kallahumma”, Sūrah Fātiha and other verses from the Qur’ān that follow, the words should be pronounced clearly and separately. Listen to the words being recited and notice that each word is being separately recited.

A better and more appropriate method is to memorise the meanings of these Sūrahs. Pay attention to the meanings when reciting the Sūrahs that have been memorised in Arabic. One who is attentive towards the meanings of the Qur’ān becomes unaware of his surroundings when performing Salaat and achieves concentration in Salaat . This is the concentration that has been called ‘Qiyām Salāt’ or a connection with Allah.

// This excerpt is taken from the Book "Roohani Namaz" of Spiritual Scholar, Alsheikh Khwaja Shamsud Din Azeemi.

Arabic transcription of Astaghfar and Darood Sharif is given below to facilitate the readers:


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