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How to Meditate – A Guide to Beginner

HQBA_3What is Meditation?

Meditation is basically an exercise of concentration. In Sufi tradition, Meditation is the name of that exercise by the help of which a person is able to enter in the realm of unseen world and he is able to gain the knowledge of his Ego, Self or Soul.

Meditation in the Sufi way, in the modern times, has been reintroduced by the great sage of this age, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya and his very able student, Alshiekh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, who has established a chain of Muraqba Halls (Meditation Centres) in 80 major cities of the world to cater the growing demand of the people. People who desire Abba Jeeto learn that fabulous science of meditation, which no other system of mysticism has offered so far, come there and benefit themselves.

Benefits of Meditation:

Actual purpose of meditation is gnosis of Self/Creator. But it can also help you in developing paranormal abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.

It also have some benefits which might be of interest to an average busy individual of present age like marked improvement of memory, and enhanced ability of concentration on a given task. Peace of mind and a sense of mystical enlightenment. It also enables you to cope with the worries of modern industrial age.

Meditation has also its therapeutic effects. It is an ideal therapy for people suffering from insomnia. There are meditation techniques which can be employed to cure depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, leukemia, cancer and other diseases.

Technique of Meditation:

When meditating, it is very important to get relaxed and comfortable. You can adopt any sitting position in which you feel comfortable provided your spine is erect and straight and there is no stiffness in the body. My favourite position is sitting cross-legged.

After sitting in your favourite position concentrate on blue lights coming form the sky and are being absorbed in your mind. But be cautious do not try to see blue light with closed eyes. This is not the aim of meditation.

This is considered an ideal exercise for beginner. It will strengthen your nervous system and will enhance peace of mind. It also prepares the mediator for advanced meditation techniques.

15 to 20 minutes meditation is recommended for beginners. Best time for meditation is before the sunrise and after the sunset especially before going to bed.


Ghazanfar Ajaz said...

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Ayesha Syed said...

Its been about two months since i started trying meditation of blue lights but still no success, i think i am not doing it correctly; you say we shouldn't try to see the blue lights with closed eyes then what should we try to see?? Please reply soon, thanks.

Abdur Rab Azeemi said...

In meditation, the requirement is not to involve oneself in making a mental picture of blue light. Instead, all you have to do is to focus your attention to blue light.

If I ask you what is the colour of rose, to answer this question you need not create picture of rose in your mind eye. All you have to do is to focus your attention on the rose and immediately the picture of rose come into your mind.

Hope, this would have clarified the matter.

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